Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Caught In Disgusting Act – She Should Resign

Faced with fading public support, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) might have hoped her fiery speech to the National Action Network would revive the momentum that carried her into public office.

Instead, the far left congresswoman stirred a new wave of Twitterverse mockery by taking a tasteless line from Hillary Clinton’s playbook.

Listeners couldn’t help but notice the Westchester County Latino slip into a fake “black” accent as she addressed the African-American crowd, just as Clinton was notorious for doing in order to identify with her minority constituents.

In a political party where simply wearing the clothing or performing the music of a minority community can be considered inappropriate “cultural appropriation,” Ocasio-Cortez risked more than simply sounding condescending when she said in a Southern drawl, “I’m proud to be a bartender. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.”

If that wasn’t enough to make her seem out-of-touch, she also gave critics the impression of assuming that most of her audience was employed in low-pay, unskilled labor.

One person tweeted, “This embarrassment of a woman @AOC really got up there and did that raggedy accent in front of all those black people. PSA: Not all black people are improper. Not all black people fold clothes and drive buses.”

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