Alert: Senate Votes ‘NO’ – Trump Loves It

The U.S. Senate just voted ‘no,’ and President Trump loves it. One of his key initiatives can now move forward without delay. Democrats are furious about this vote.

A resolution sponsored by Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM) that would have ended Trump’s emergency declaration to build a wall on our southern border is finally dead. Trump vetoed the resolution, but the Senate failed to overturn his veto.

By a vote of 53-36, short of the two-thirds needed to overturn a presidential veto, the Democrat-led effort to halt one of Trump’s promises to the American people is over. The president issued a stern rebuke to Congress with his veto.

In his statement, he said that the resolution was “inconsistent with other recent congressional actions” because “Congress, in an overwhelmingly bipartisan manner, has provided emergency resources to address the crisis at the southern border.”

Trump also noted that “Congress has approved a budget framework that expressly preserves the emergency authorities my Administration is using to address the crisis,” further calling out their inconsistent message.

Earlier in his veto statement, Trump made sure to highlight that “the ongoing crisis on our southern border” is real, and that his declaration is already helping to address it head-on “to counter large-scale unlawful migration.”

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