Alert: Megyn Kelly Career Bombshell – She Did It

Megyn Kelly may have revived her career after sitting down with the employee who was accused of leaking a coverup of a bombshell story at ABC.

The trouble is that that employee, Ashley Bianco, was in fact not the one who leaked that information.

ABC got caught burying a story on billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein by an employee at ABC. Instead of apologizing and firing those responsible, they fired an innocent worker.

This is a publicity nightmare at ABC. As terrible as this situation is, it is working out great for Megyn Kelly.

It exposes ABC for the corrupt organization that it is, more interested in protecting pedophiles than it is in the truth.

Hopefully, the wrongfully fired employee will get a better job with a better organization. And hopefully, ABC will face consequences for their actions.

Read the full story here.

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