Alert: Maxine Waters ENDS IT – Her Career Is Over

Infamous Democrat Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) is singlehandedly destroying her career.

Waters has enjoyed the immunity granted by her district, which is located in insanely liberal Los Angeles California. But now she is tying herself to the sinking ship that is the impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

Waters has long called for Trump’s impeachment. But with her most recent commentary claiming Trump is attacking the “patriotic” whistleblower, Waters is all in.

Hearing someone like Maxine Waters talk about patriotism is painful as is, but the fact that she has gotten away with the things she has is worse.

Waters district is in bad shape and yet she is continually reelected by her constituents. This is a common theme among Democrats, bad districts represented by the same people for decades.

Waters, along with Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA), are exactly the kind of people who don’t belong anywhere near the legislative branch. Hopefully, their constituents wake up and remove them.

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