ALERT: Jesse Watters Stunner – ‘It’s Not a Good Time’


Fox News host Jesse Watters pointed out the stunning reality for Democrats. They are losing and losing hard.

Watters addressed the Democrat debate in Las Vegas and said Thursday that, “I think what you want to do if you’re a Democrat is you want to attack a Bernie or a Bloomberg, and then you just have to pivot to attacking the president, because that’s what the audience wants to hear. And that’s what people at home want to watch. And last night and now today feels to me like the worst day Democrats have had in a very long time.”

With the failure of impeachment and no other saving grace in sight, Democrats have few options.

The pool of presidential candidates Democrats are fielding is a weak one by all metrics. Bernie Sanders at this point is looking like their best candidate.

Bernie Sanders is, of course, an open Socialist, even though he likes to dampen it with the term “Democratic-Socialism.”

Democrats running an open Socialist is, unfortunately, their best option. It is a huge risk and it is why Watters says, “This is not a good time to be a Democrat.”

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