ALERT: Huge Trump Reversal – Conservatives Stunned


The word is spreading nationwide about a huge Trump reversal. Conservatives are stunned by this development, but it is good news — unless you are a Democrat.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals — a hotbed for left-wing judicial activism for years — has been remade by President Trump in just three years. It is spectacular news for the Constitution and rule of law.

Judge Milan D. Smith Jr., an appointee of President George W. Bush to the 9th Circuit, perhaps said it best in an interview with the Los Angeles Times: “Trump has effectively flipped the circuit.”

Now that’s the kind of ‘reversal’ we like to hear about, and it is already having a major impact on the federal judiciary. In fact, a 9th Circuit judge who remained anonymous explained the situation clearly.

“Ten new people at once sends a shock wave through the system,” said the judge, referring to the number of appointees that have been sent to the 9th Circuit at essentially the same time.

By contrast, former President Barack Obama only appointed seven judges to the circuit in eight years. So, the change that has occurred here cannot be overstated. It is cataclysmic.

While Democrat appointees still hold a slim 16-13 majority, it is a guarantee that we will witness “a sea change in the 9th Circuit on day-to-day decisions,” according to Smith.

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