Alert: He Just RESIGNED Suddenly – Dems Scrambling…

Democrat Presidential candidate Tom Steyer’s campaign was rocked by a bombshell Friday. His campaign manager has resigned after it was discovered he had attempted to bribe local politicians in Iowa to endorse Steyer.

These are terrible optics for Steyer and his Democrat competitors. Now people are thinking about bribery scandals and not the issues the candidates are campaigning on.

Steyer himself came out to put it on the record that no money had been offered to Iowa officials. But if that was true, the manager would not have been pushed out. Clearly he must have done something.

Steyer’s assertion that no payments were offered is questionable, and in either case, it reflects badly on him.

Steyer’s candidacy has mostly been forgotten and it is likely he won’t be in the race for much longer, especially when the only thing people know about him involves bribery.

As for the rest of the Democrat field, they will have to scramble to ensure the problem doesn’t spread to their own campaigns.

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