Alert: Ginsburg Just Confessed – Rumors Were TRUE

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg just confessed. The rumors were true, and she just confirmed them publicly. She can’t take anything back now.

During a speaking engagement at Amherst College in Massachusetts, Ginsburg subtly attacked President Trump without mentioning his name — proving the rumors that she has been ant-Trump all along.

While delivering he remarks, she was asked about our current period of American history and how she would describe it. She responded, “As an aberration.” With just three words, she got her point across loud and clear.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes the word  “aberration” as “an instance of deviating … from a moral standard or moral state” and “something or someone regarded as atypical and therefore able to be ignored or discounted.”

It is obvious how Ginsburg views President Trump, though she made her opinion known is a more tactful way. She has no respect for him or his leadership. No doubt, the liberal crowd at Amherst ate it up.

Ginsburg also said, “The pendulum goes too far to the right, it’s going to swing back. The same thing too far to the left. So I’m hoping to see it swing back in my, in my lifetime.” We know what she means by “swing back” in this context.

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