Alert: Fox News Star MELTS DOWN – Ruins Career In Seconds

Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano has put his career as a political contributor on the line and thrown in with the Democrats to criticize President Donald Trump as unfit for office on several different counts.

Napolitano, a former federal judge, said on Fox Nation’s Liberty File on Friday that Trump had spent federal money without Congressional authorization, separated families at the border despite a court order, conducted a troop pullout of Syria that encouraged further attacks there, and sent troops to Saudi Arabia illegally.

According to Napolitano, Trump also obstructed the investigation into his activities and used the attorney general to escape prosecution, as well as saying he was going to ignore the emoluments clause of the Constitution before backing down due to criticism.

“It raises the question, can the president of the United States lawfully enforce only the clauses of the Constitution with which he agrees and ignores those with which he disagrees? In a word, No,” Napolitano said.

“Threats to ignore parts of the Constitution are not matters of speech, taste, or risk,” he continued. “They reveal character traits but question the president’s fitness for office.”

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