Alert: Fox News Star ARRESTED – Media Rocked

In a stunning development, a Fox News star was just arrested and charged with domestic battery. The media has been rocked by this news, however, there’s a twist to the story.

The charges have now been dropped. Actress Stacey Dash, best known for her Fox News appearances and her role in 1995’s hit movie, Clueless, was initially arrested after a reported domestic disturbance. Then her husband made a request.

Jeffrey Marty, Dash’s husband, tweeted that the “State Attorney made the right call by declining to file charges against my wife.” He elaborated further by explaining why he hadn’t spoken out yet.

“She was arrested over my objection at the time, but due to the pending investigation, I waited to comment until now,” Marty said. “We both look forward to getting this behind us.”

Dash chose to comment on the ordeal as well, saying, “Like normal married couples my husband and I had a marital dispute that escalated.” A statement on her website also said that the dispute was “blown out of proportion.”

According to reports, Dash’s husband allegedly had red scratch marks on his arm, but Dash’s manager said that she was acting in self-defense and alleged that Marty tried to choke Dash.

Read the full story here.

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