ALERT: Female Obama Insider Exposes Joe Biden – He’s Doomed

A female Obama insider just exposed former Vice President Joe Biden. She appeared in a wide-ranging interview and let him have it — Biden’s presidential campaign is doomed.

Speaking with The Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill, Ameshia Cross, a political strategist and former Obama staffer, pinpointed Biden’s main problem with Democratic voters: he isn’t a fighter.

“Early on I definitely supported Biden, and I don’t think that’s different across members of the African American community, but every voter wants to see a fighter,” said Cross.

She continued by saying that “for Biden it was, even when he was getting sliced up on the debate stage he kind of held back.” This has led to Democrats searching for another candidate to carry the mantle.

There seems to be a fear in the Democrat ranks, then, that even if Biden wins the nomination and faces President Trump, he will get rolled over. And this perception doesn’t seem to be changing.

Now, Biden has put all of his chips into South Carolina after a poor showing in Iowa and New Hampshire. If he underperforms there, he has nowhere left to go; it would be over for him.

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