Alert: Chris Wallace ENDS IT – Stuns Fox Viewers…

The anti-Trump anchor of ‘Fox News Sunday,’ Chris Wallace, just ended up before millions of people. He has stunned longtime viewers and there’s no turning back now.

During a heated exchange between Wallace and House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), Wallace would not allow the Louisiana Republican to bring up the whistleblower and instead tried to push another narrative.

“The inspector general said the whistleblower had political motivations,” noted Scalise in his matter-of-fact, no-nonsense way. Wallace tersely responded, “We’re not talking about the whistleblower.”

Instead, Wallace wanted to focus on testimony from witnesses as part of the impeachment witch-hunt against President Trump. He tried to back Scalise into a corner over the scant few Trump officials who have come forward.

Wallace brought up Gordon Sondland, Jennifer Williams, Tim Morrison, and Alexander Vindman — as if these individuals speak for the entire Trump White House.

Scalise was quick to remind Wallace that they “were Schiff’s witnesses.” He also went on to note, “They were not all Trump administration folks.” But calling for balance in an interview with Wallace is akin to drawing water from a dry well.

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