ALERT: Americans Issued Terrifying Safety Warning – ‘Be Afraid’

Americans were just issued a terrifying safety warning. A former judge and prosecutor wants everyone to know that our “safety” is under siege and now is the time to “be afraid.”

During her opening statement on Fox News this week, Judge Jeanine Pirro said that Democrats “don’t care about you, your safety, civil tranquility, innocent Americans or law and order.”

She brought up the current contest for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, saying that it represents “the most extreme leftist agenda America has ever witnessed” and we “need to be afraid.”

Of course, many anti-Trump liberals would say that Pirro is just fear-mongering — but she isn’t doing that at all. She is passionately explaining what is at stake in this election.

We have two paths: The socialist way of Bernie Sanders or remaining on the positive, pro-America road with President Trump. The contrast couldn’t be starker.

Democrats have “power” as their goal, noted Pirro. “They get that power when illegals vote — because they know they lost the vote of law-abiding Americans, the ones that support the Constitution.”

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