Alert: 2020 Race Rocked – Obama Steps In…

Joe Biden is having a rocky time on the trail right now. It seems he can’t catch a break, not least of all because of his own gaffes.

And to make matters worse, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are right on his tail. Some polls even have him losing to Warren in both Iowa and New Hampshire. If she beats him there’ it’s hard to see how he has any momentum going into Super Tuesday.

According to at least one report, former President Barack Obama thinks this is all it is the fault of Biden’s advisors.

Obama allegedly holds the opinion that Biden’s advisors are too old and politically out of touch.

Obama could be right, but you can’t blame it all on the advisors. No one makes Biden say racist things on the campaign trail. No one makes him grab the arm of young women who just ask him simple questions that he doesn’t want to answer.

The reality more likely is that Biden himself is probably the one who is out of touch.

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