Alert: 11th Circuit VICTORY – Trump Can’t Believe His Eyes

President Trump has had a lot of success in appointing circuit judges, and now he is on the cusp of a stunning victory in the 11th circuit.

The circuit courts have long been packed with leftist activist judges who have done everything to stop President Trump. But Trump has been replacing those judges with conservative constitutionalist judges.

Trump’s nominees for the 11th circuit, Barbara Lagoa and Robert Luck, have faced little opposition and may cruise to an easy nomination.

The end result will be another circuit court staffed with judges handpicked to reverse the judicial activism that has plagued the judicial system.

Democrats are sure to cry foul over Trump’s success with the courts. But Trump is doing his job appointing judges who will uphold the constitution, not change it.

The damage to our judiciary from activist judges has been extensive. But it is far from irreversible. Another four years of President Trump could go a long way.

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