BREAKING NEWS: Airstrikes Launched… It’s War

Right now Syria is no longer a powder keg — that keg just exploded. After years of fighting between a variety of factions including Russia and the United States, something has happened that could entirely change the destiny of all the countries involved.

This weekend a chemical weapon was launched, clearly breaching President Trump’s warning to the Assad regime and both the Russians and Iranians supporting them. Now, there could be serious repercussions.

Currently, the chemical attack is under investigation, but President Trump has said that there will be consequences for whoever is responsible. This could be game-changing. (Read More…)

Democrats set their sights on retiring Rep. Dave Reichert’s swing seat

After almost 40 years, Rep. Dave Reichert, the Washington state Republican, is leaving Congress. Reichert held the seat in a predominately blue state by having sway as a long-time incumbent, but that is now over.

Democrats are eyeing the seat as another to try and snatch up in the upcoming midterms. In this district, even Reichert knows that it’s going be incredibly difficult for a Republican to win once he leaves.

Reichert’s years of service have earned him some rest, but with his seat so vulnerable, his loss will be even more severe. (Read More…)

Trey Gowdy unsure if EPA chief Scott Pruitt’s career is ‘going to make it’

When Sen. Gowdy speaks, I listen. And he just weighed in on the Scott Pruit controversy. In short, Pruitt is currently the head of the EPA, and he’s been accused of lavish spending in his position.

Pruitt is currently the subject of an ethics investigation that could be career-ending for him. Sen. Gowdy thinks it’s just a matter of time until Pruitt is terminated by the President. That’s bad news for Pruitt, who previously seemed to be a great fit for the position. (Read More…)

Lawyer: Stormy Daniels meets with ‘the foremost forensic artist in the world’

In a recent revelation to the media, the pornstar who has alleged a relationship with Donald Trump said that she was threatened to leave Trump alone by an unknown man a few years ago.

Now, Stormy Daniels’ attorney has said he’ll be bringing in the best forensic artist in the world to sketch the face of her alleged assailant. This will undoubtedly keep the media sniffing around this story that has absolutely nothing to do will policy, politics, or anything else important.

If only Trump were a Democrat, this would have been completely ignored by the media. (Read More…)

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