Ailing Ruth Bader Ginsberg Misses Supreme Court Arguments After Surgery

Despite the frantic assurances from the mainstream media that all is well, ailing Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was expected to miss oral arguments on Monday for the first time ever since joining the Supreme Court in 1993. Ginsberg is still reportedly recovering from an operation that was reportedly “successful.”

Even more ominously, there was no date set for Ginsberg’s return.

The operation that Ginsberg is recovering from, a lobectomy, is a serious one, and there have been concerns that the malignant cancer that that was removed has metastasized, due to its pattern.

Don’t expect to hear any honest reporting on this issue – the media is heavily invested in maintaining the facade that Ginsberg is able to serve another two years. All the same, it’s very possible that Ginsberg herself will do the right thing and retire if she’s unable to carry out her constitutional duties.

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