AG Bill Barr Accused of Felony Crime – It’s Sickening

Now that Robert Mueller’s nearly two-year Russia collusion probe has ended with no evidence of wrongdoing by the Trump campaign, Democrats have turned their pitchforks on Attorney General Bill Barr.

On Friday, Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) questioned whether Barr may have “obstructed justice” when he released a partial summary of Mueller’s confidential report.

“If it turns out that he has obstructed justice by how he has handled the Mueller report, that will be a deep stain in his legacy,” Johnson said.

Johnson’s baseless suggestion demonstrates how desperate Democrats are to continue dangling their Russian conspiracy over Trump’s head.

For them, the fact that multiple federal probes have failed to turn up evidence of wrongdoing just means more probes are needed.

Likewise, the fact that Barr’s statement was not the bombshell they’d hoped for just means that even though Barr did everything the law required of him, and though he plans to release the full Mueller report minus legally protected information by mid-April, he must be treated like a co-conspirator.

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