AG Barr Confirms The Rumors… Dems Are Fuming

Attorney General William Barr just confirmed the rumors — he has Democrats tied on a string and won’t let go. They are fuming, but President Trump is pleased.

Simply put, Barr is a fighter and isn’t afraid to make a jab at the Democrats’ expense. Recently, at the U.S. Attorneys National Conference, he joked about “spying” and uncovering a “plot” to the delight of attendees.

But the “plot” was a lighthearted one. He said, “(My staff was) going to surprise me by having the Emerald Society pipe band come down from New York, but as you know I’m very proficient at – dare I say the word – spying.”

Instead, he chose to play the bagpipes himself, an instrument he’s played for years. According to reports, this a classic Barr move; he enjoys using humor to lighten the mood during tense situations.

As one could imagine, it goes without saying that Democrats didn’t appreciate his “spying” joke. But he never misses a chance to destroy Trump’s enemies, and he sent a powerful message to all of them.

Barr knows what’s going on, Democrats. He’s always aware. And he will always respond appropriately. Anti-Trumpers who abused their power during the Obama Administration will be held accountable.

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