Adam Schiff Flips Out, Has Career-Ending Meltdown…

Rep. Adam Schiff has been trying to destroy President Trump from the get-go. Now, as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, he’s still charging after the president — and this time he had a career-ending meltdown on TV.

Speaking to Jake Tapper on everyone’s fake news channel, CNN, Schiff continued to push the discredited Trump-Russia narrative. He laughably asserted during his interview that “there is ample evidence of collusion in plain sight.”

“What I’ve said on your show and others, Jake, for over a year now is that yes; there is ample evidence of collusion in plain sight, but that is not the same thing as proof of a criminal conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt,” he said.

On the matter of ‘reasonable doubt,’ Schiff also claimed that he “would defer that to Bob Mueller’s judgment,” but he’s already trying to turn Mueller’s report into an anti-Trump manifesto.

Why must he keep the ‘collusion’ narrative going? Because it’s all the Democrats have for election fodder, and they’re angry that an arrow has been taken out of their proverbial quiver. So, Schiff is simply being a dutiful member of the party.

But even his claim that there’s “ample evidence of collusion in plain sight” doesn’t make sense; no such evidence has been produced. No wonder all GOP members of Schiff’s committee asked him to resign; he cannot be trusted to carry out his job objectively.

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