Adam Schiff Doesn’t Get His Way, Throws Hysterical Fit…

Adam Schiff unleased a furious tweet Friday night after reading a memo from the Justice Department about why President Donald Trump won’t and shouldn’t release six years of tax returns requested by Congress, according to The Hill.

“What is the President hiding in his tax returns? And since when does ‘shall’ mean ‘unless it displeases Trump?'” the House Intelligence Committee chairman tweeted.

“And, perhaps more importantly: What will be left of DOJ’s independence and reputation for impartial justice after Barr? The answer? Very little,” he added.

The Justice Department ruled Friday that because Congress was lying about why it wanted to see the tax returns, the IRS does not have to comply with their request. The DOJ also cited a federal tax code provision that prohibits unauthorized tax disclosures.

Will it be enough to protect Trump from having Congress dissect and parse his personal financial information to use against him in any way they can? Only time will tell.

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