Adam Schiff DID IT – White House FLOORED…

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) just did it. The anti-Trump chairman of the House Intelligence Committee has gone too far this time. He can’t be allowed to move forward.

In a move that has floored the White House, Schiff detailed in a letter to Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) the absurd conditions by which Republican members can bring forth witnesses in the impeachment inquiry. This is unreal.

According to Schiff, Republicans — through ranking member Nunes — can only call witnesses who are prepared to answer three partisan questions that read more like Democrat talking points.

“Did the President and his Administration seek to obstruct, suppress, or cover up information to conceal from the Congress and the American people evidence about the President’s actions and conduct?” asks one of the questions.

The other two insinuate that Trump has placed his “personal political interests” above the nation’s wellbeing and threatened to withhold “U.S. military assistance to Ukraine” if the foreign ally didn’t comply with an investigation.

Furthermore, for any Republican witnesses to be approved, “detailed written justification” must be submitted for each of them. It is vital to note that nothing in the impeachment inquiry resolution allows Schiff to make such demands.

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