Adam Schiff Criminal Announcement – This Is Bad

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, just made a criminal announcement. This is not good at all.

 “I do believe there is very strong evidence that he willingly misled the committee,” Schiff said, referring to Trump ally and Blackwater CEO Erik Prince.

This criminal referral to the Department of Justice comes after Schiff finished reading the Mueller report. As expected, Democrats are going to make as much noise as possible with it.

It is being alleged that Prince lied to congressional investigators in November of 2017 regarding a meeting with a Russian financier with ties to Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia.

Schiff says Mueller’s report claims that the meeting was not a chance encounter, as Prince had claimed, but was set up in advance before Trump’s swearing-in to establish stronger ties with the incoming administration.

The validity of these allegations against Prince are suspect, given that the Mueller report’s entire legitimacy has been called into question for being a part of a partisan witch-hunt.

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