Adam Schiff Bombshell – It’s Worse Than We Thought

Troubling new details lend credence to Republicans’ suspicions that Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen was coached by Democrats prior to testifying before the House Oversight Committee.

By Cohen’s own account last week, Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) sent staff to meet with him on at least four separate occasions for a total of over 10 hours immediately before the hearing.

Cohen’s admission was in response to a request from Rep. Mike Turner (R-Ohio) for information about any contacts “with Democratic Members or Democratic staff” prior to his testimony.

“These questions are important for the public to understand whether or not they were watching witness testimony, a public hearing, or well-rehearsed theater,” Turner wrote.

Previously, Cohen acknowledged having spoken with Schiff “about topics that were going to be raised at the upcoming hearing.” But the full extent of their interactions was not known.

Unnamed sources told Fox news that the topics Cohen discussed with Schiff’s staff mirrored the content of his 7-hour hearing. If true, this damages the credibility of Cohen’s entire testimony.

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