Shock accusation against Mike Pence – this is a lie!

Since 2016 “this is why Trump won,” has become a popular saying in conservative circles. It’s generally used to describe something that a liberal person or institution does that demonstrates just how out of touch they are with the rest of Americans. This week Joy Behar, a repeat offender in this sense, delivered one such tone-deaf comment.

On ABC’s The View, Behar said that Mike Pence’s Christian faith was “a mental illness.” Although one other host, Meghan McCain, supported Pence, the rest, including self-professed Christians, took the opportunity to demean the Vice President’s faith.

Keep it classy Behar, this is exactly the sort of comment that drove many voters to President Trump. (Read More…)

Report: Barack Obama met with James Comey right before Trump inauguration

We just learned that former President Barack Obama met with former FBI Director James Comey right as Obama was leaving office. Apparently, Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Advisor, wrote an email to herself on the same day about a meeting between her, Comey, Obama, and a few others. There’s a lot of speculation as to what happened during the meeting.

No one knows yet, but Senators Grassley and Graham are on the case. There’s no doubt that something unusual is going on here, and this could end up being huge. (Read More…)

Paul Ryan calls out John McCain for Obamacare betrayal

After the work Speaker of the House Paul Ryan put into getting the votes to repeal Obamacare, it’s no surprise that Ryan is upset that John McCain ruined the effort. On Fox Business this week during an interview, Ryan noted that a certain senator didn’t vote for repeal back in July of last year.  And that was one of the best chances Republicans had of fulfilling a major policy promise.

Ryan said in the interview that he expects to make incremental reforms rather than outright repeal the law. If the overall effect is the same, then that would be a major success for Republicans. Under Trump the party has done better than expected, so we wish Ryan luck. (Read More…)

Report: Bristol Palin’s husband Dakota Meyer files for divorce

The Palins have been out of the limelight for a while, but Bristol is making headlines again. Her husband, Dakota Meyer, has just filed for divorce in Alaska. Meyer is a 29-year-old Marine veteran. Bristol, 27 years old, is pursuing a career involving reality television.

Before entering into a relationship with Meyer, Bristol had a child, Tripp, with her former boyfriend, Levi Johnston. Tripp is now 9 years old, and Palin has had two other children with Meyer. Those children are 9-month-old Atlee Bay and 2-year-old Sailor Grace.

Whenever a marriage doesn’t work out, it’s always a sad time. Especially when children are involved. Hopefully, Bristol, Dakota, and all of the children involved can move forward from here and find happiness. (Read More…)

Barack Obama targeted with ‘baby powder’ attack

Just days after Vanessa Trump opened a letter full of a suspicious white powder, former President Obama was also targeted by an attack. The envelope Vanessa opened was meant for her husband, Donald Jr., and it actually made it into his home. In contrast, the letter meant for Barack Obama was sent to his office in Washington, DC., and was intercepted by Secret Service.

In both cases, the powders were benign, the first being cornstarch, and the second baby powder. But it doesn’t matter if these were just incidents aimed at striking fear into their victims. No one, no matter their politics, should be subject to terror attacks like these. It needs to stop. (Read More…)

Federal officials arrest 60 illegal aliens in the Rio Grande Valley

60 illegal aliens were arrested this week in two separate raids along the Mexico-Texas border. It’s good news that they were caught before reaching the border, and the second part of this story demonstrates why that’s the case.

An unlicensed illegal immigrant crashed his vehicle into an ambulance and killed a child in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He was was drunk, with a blood alcohol content of twice the legal limit.

America has enough to worry about with problems from our own population. Do we really need to invite in more potential problems before we’ve gotten our own issues under control? I don’t think so. Not all illegals are bad people, but as a population, they’re far more problematic than legal immigrants who followed the law and waited their turn for admission. Given the choice between the two, American leaders have to understand the stakes. (Read More…)

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