BREAKING: Jen Psaki Secret Plan Is OUT – America Shocked To Learn Truth…

Wow, even the person that was thought to be most loyal to Joe and Kamala can’t stand them.

There are reports that one of the top liberals in the country is looking to leave the White House, and her identity was nothing less than a shock to Americans.

It’s Jen Psaki.

That’s right, even the person that has been smiling ear to ear every time she’s talked about Biden’s “accomplishments” must secretly hate him, as Jen appears poised to leave and pursue a job in “big time media.”

Puck, a “new media company” originally broke the story, suggested that Psaki is being “furiously courted” by CNN in an attempt to bolster their failing ratings.

Does this mean that CNN actually thinks Psaki would be a good fit, or are they grasping at straws?

If not CNN, MSNBC appears to want Psaki’s services to replace the departing Rachel Maddow. MSNBC’s ratings are already lower than CNN’s, and with Maddow leaving, the network is in full crisis mode.

They kind of have to be in crisis mode to be so foolish as to think that Psaki is the answer to their problems…

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