BREAKING: Democrats Devastated – Only 16% Of US Agrees That…

Democrats have found themselves on the wrong end of public opinion yet again. After embracing calls to defund police, a new YouGov poll found only 16% of Americans support defunding the police.

65% of Americans outright rejected the idea. Of the supporting group, only 33% were African-American and the highest proportion of support was among Millenials.

This poll comes after Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti decided to cut 10% of the cities police budget and “reinvest” the money into marginalized communities.

Los Angeles can now function as a test tube for what happens when a city abandons its police force. It would be no surprise to see crime grow in the city as the LAPD pulls back.

If Democrats decide to make defunding police departments a part of their national platform, they will lose the support of many moderate voters.

Many Americans understand the importance of a good police force and the consequences of not having strong law enforcement. Those people will flock to President Trump if Democrats continue down their radical path.

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