“90% of All Americans” Could Die in This Attack

At a U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security hearing this Thursday, experts warned that the results of an electomagnetic pulse (EMP) attack “could be to shut down the U.S. electric power grid for an indefinite period, leading to the death within a year of up to 90 percent of all Americans.”

EMP attacks can be carried out with high altitude nuclear detonations that create damaging current and voltage surges that can cripple electronics. Unlike conventional nuclear attacks, they can be carried out without a massive nuclear arsenal.

With the ever-increasing tension between the U.S. and North Korea, and the threat of this very kind of attack is real. Our aging electrical grid is vulnerable, we should take these threats seriously and mitigate the problem. At the same time, the real extent of the effects of an EMP attack are unknown. It’s not time to panic, but it is time to prepare. (Read More…)

Picture of Harvey Weinstein’s Victims Goes Viral – It’s Disturbing.

In the media frenzy surrounding the exposure of the crimes of Harvey Weinstein, the humanity of his individual victims runs the risk of being forgotten. For that reason, Vanity Fair recently created a collage of 34 of Harvey Weinstein’s victims with the victims cast in black. And there, in the midst of them, is sexual predator Weinstein in full color.

The symbolism is haunting; he used and abused these talented women for his own gratification.  Weinstein’s actions are unjustifiable, even though so many chose to cover for him for years. It’s a travesty of justice. He needs to be locked up and held accountable for his actions. (See Photos…)

It Just Got Worse for Megyn Kelly.

It is being reported that celebrity publicists are telling their clients to avoid “Megyn Kelly Today” because of poor ratings. 

What a difference a year can make for Megyn Kelly. She was once the rising star of Fox News. But ever since her very public battle with Donald Trump in 2016, Kelly’s star has faded. Some sources have even tagged Kelly as “television poison.”

It’s just a matter of time before NBC recognizes that Kelly isn’t talented enough to pull off the roles she wants. She was good at one thing. Perhaps she should have stuck with it. (Read More…)

Vatican Rocked by Major Scandal.

On Saturday, a Vatican City court convicted Giuseppe Profiti, the former president of a Vatican children’s hospital, of abuse of office. Profiti was convicted of diverting $500,000 in donation money for a hospital towards the repair of a Vatican cardinal’s flat.

Pope Francis was initially hailed by the international media as a liberal alternative to the much more orthodox Pope Benedict XVI. However, Francis has overseen a politicized Vatican that has become entangled in multiple corruption scandals.

The scandals, in addition to Pope Francis’ progressive leadership — especially his eased guidance on divorce and remarriage — have damaged his reputation among conservative European and North American Catholics and has caused division in the Catholic Church. Financial corruption is not rare in the history of the Catholic Church but there’s no excuse for it. It’s time for Francis to clean house. (Read More…)

Trump Makes His Move Against Iran.

President Donald Trump has announced that he is de-certifying the Iran-nuclear agreement, and gave Congress the decision whether to restore sanctions against what he described as a “rogue regime.” He also called Iran’s bluff that it would retaliate against the U.S. if he were to label Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist group.

Trump has labeled the Iran nuke deal as the “worst deal ever” from the outset, and on Friday he made his first move against it. Trump tweeted, “Given the regime’s murderous past and present, we should not take lightly its sinister vision for the future. The regime’s two favorite chants are ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel.’”

Trump is right. The U.S. cannot have a deal in place with a country that wants us all dead. It’s about time this deal was abolished. (Read More…)

Whoopi Goldberg Gets Obliterated on National TV.

Legendary country singer Charlie Pride recently appeared on “The View” and following a performance of his song, “Kiss an Angel Good Morning,” co-host Sarah Haines asked him,  “What was it like to be the first black country singer?”  Pride told Haines and Whoopi Goldberg, “I feel the same way I did when I was colored.”

Charlie Pride recently stated, “I’ve always tried to think of myself just as an American. That’s what I am. I’m an American. Even growing up in Mississippi, one of the most segregated states in the Union, I kept my wits about me.” He obviously wasn’t interested in being baited into a race conversation. Good for him. (Watch Here…)

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