BREAKING: McDonald’s Fast Food Scandal – $900 Million Bombshell

McDonald’s is infamous for their ice-cream machines ALWAYS being out-of-service. It doesn’t matter where you are, what your name is, or who the person taking your order is.

“Sorry, our ice cream machine is down.”

Happens what seems like every time.

So when startup firm Kytch approached McDonald’s with a solution, they thought the fast-food giant would be happy.

Instead, they claim that McDonald’s attacked the product they were pitching and publicly tarnished the name of Kytch.

A Kytch cofounder said the organization was suing McDonald’s for $900,000,000 because McDonald’s “tarnished our name. They scared off our customers and ruined our business. They were anti-competitive. They lied about a product that they said would be released.”

McDonald’s reason for turning down Kytch’s sales pitch was this: “Kytch’s software includes a remote operation function, and with this feature, we believe anyone cleaning, operating or repairing our shake machines (like restaurant crew members or maintenance technicians) could potentially be injured if the equipment is turned on remotely.”

Needless to say, Kytch didn’t like being exposed publicly, and insist McDonald’s claims were “unfounded.”

Who do you believe? In one corner we’ve got a mega-giant corporation that makes money hand over fist and doesn’t use any of it to fix their ice cream machines. In the other corner we’ve got some startup I’ve never heard of that I’m really sure could do with $900 million.

Are there any real winners here?

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