700 people dead…

It’s really tragic what’s happening in Syria. The civil war is getting worse and worse and there are so many countries involved at this point. It’s essentially functioning as a proxy war between the United States and Israel, who want to remove the area of Islamic fundamentalists, and Russia and Iran, who have more nefarious interests in the region. Caught in the middle are the people of Syria, most of whom have no say and no personal stake in the war.

The international community has been attempting to provide humanitarian relief for months with virtually no success while 700 people have died in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta. Some aid workers made it into the suburb and set up shop, but their operations came to an abrupt halt as fighting kicked off once again.

Aid workers are alleging that the Syrian government is preventing them from reaching civilians, and then shelling them. As a result, the aid workers were forced to flee the region and the civilians are suffering for it. This insanity needs to come to an end. Now. (Read More…)

Republican Senator Thad Cochran to resign effective April 1

I’m starting to really worry about the midterm elections coming up later this year. 38 GOP congress members are either resigning or taking different positions in government, and will therefore not be running as incumbents. This is worrisome because incumbents usually have a huge advantage, and without that advantage, there’s a lot of room for Democrat challengers. Worse, midterms tend to be rough on the incumbent president.

Now, there’s another Republican stepping down, but this time for health reasons; Sen. Thad Cochran of Mississippi. Cochran is 80 years old and his health has been steadily declining for months. I wish Thad well, and I hope Mississippi replaces him with a solidly conservative Republican. Cochran was not the most conservative Republican, particularly when he voted for Obamacare, but he was certainly better than a Democrat. Don’t let us down, Mississippi! (Read More…)

Paul Ryan’s Democrat opponents arrested at Dream Act protest

It seems like it’s becoming a badge of honor for liberals to blatantly disobey the law and get arrested – even when it’s a political figure getting in trouble. That’s why, apparently, the two Democrats who plan to run against Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, decided it was a good idea to protest and get arrested.

Randy Bruce and Cathy Myers, Ryan’s political opposition, were protesting to keep illegal immigrants from being deported. That makes sense, given that those illegals would naturally be Democrat voters in an election. So these two activists stopped traffic while people were trying to get around town. Getting arrested should teach them a lesson, but I doubt it will. They’re too delusional to learn anything. (Read More…)

Judge rules in favor of Donald Trump in controversial DACA case

While Democrats are busy demonstrating against basic enforcement of immigration laws, President Trump is out winning legal battles over the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Former President Obama signed the program into law through executive order, and President Trump decided to phase it out after Democrats were unable to come up with a compromise on it. Naturally, liberals lost their minds and filed a lawsuit.

But Trump was well within his rights as the president to undo an executive order. Thankfully, that’s what a federal judge just ruled. Bush appointee Judge Roger Titus ruled in favor of the president while chiding his colleagues from New York and California who used their positions as judges to improperly fight the president.

That kind of judicial activism is un-American and anti-constitutional, and they should be ashamed. Thank goodness there are still good judges out there, and Trump is adding even more. (Read More…)

Colorado lawmakers wear kevlar vests to prevent assassination – by one of their own

Yesterday I mentioned a story about a state senator from Colorado who was forced to resign after allegations of sexual misconduct were leveled against him by one of his colleagues in the statehouse. Rep. Faith Winter said that Sen. Steve Lebsock harassed and attacked her. Following Winter, other members of the legislature came out with similar stories and the legislators forcefully expelled him.

Two male legislators, Alec Garnett and Matt Gray, publicly supported Lebsock’s accusers, but they did so hesitantly. They were so concerned about retaliation from the senator that they began wearing kevlar vests into the building. This is just shocking. Lebsock’s response to the revelation that Garnett and Gray were protecting themselves was to become teary-eyed and say that he’d never do anything to hurt them.

It’s an unbelievable incident, and I’m sure the Colorado legislature can’t wait to get back to normal. (Read More…)

More than 80 arrested at Capitol Hill ‘Dream Act’ protest

Democrats are protesting everywhere about the Dream Act, apparently. At Capitol Hill, a large protest took place where, again, the demonstrators locked arms, laid down, and blocked traffic. 80 protesters in total were arrested, but that’s not even the most unbelievable part. A smaller group of about 20 attempted to storm Rep. Paul Ryan’s office.

Notorious hypocrite, activist, and Muslim fundamentalist apologist, Linda Sarsour was among that group. Sarsour is a pretty terrible person who has defended Sharia law and consistently attacks President Trump. It’s good to know that these criminals were detained, but I know it won’t deter them in the future. But Trump won’t be deterred either, he’s going to fix this immigration issue once and for all. And it’s about time. (Read More…)

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