5 people shot…

For the last two weeks, the Parkland, Florida school shooting has dominated the headlines, and that’s completely understandable — it was a horrific, senseless tragedy. In response, calls for stricter gun control have been flooding the news. But while there have been other tragic deaths in Florida, they didn’t involve “scary” looking rifles, so they’ve garnered zero media attention.

You haven’t heard about the five children who were killed in an eleven-day period since the shooting just in Florida alone. And why haven’t you heard of it? Because those deaths were due to gang violence.

The media apparently doesn’t care about the vast majority of gun-related killings that occur in urban environments due to gang violence. What do they really want here, to save lives or to dismantle the Second Amendment? I think we all know the answer. (Read More…)

Authorities find 137 immigrants stuffed inside a tractor trailer headed for Texas

It’s terrible to hear about stories like this. A group of 137 Mexican nationals was found and stopped by Mexican Federal Police on their way to the Texas border. They were packed in a tractor-trailer truck, living in absolutely brutal conditions. Trapped on the truck for hours, they were unable to remove human waste and the only fresh air came from two small holes in the roof.

No one blames these people for wanting to escape terrible situations in their home countries for a chance at a better life in the United States. But our country can’t just take everyone in and solve every problem. So many immigrants have entered the country without being deported, it’s emboldened more people to come, leading to situations like this.

Not that we needed more evidence, but this is exactly why we need to put an end to illegal immigration. (Read More…)

Strategy or betrayal? Trump says: ‘Take the guns first, go through due process second’

So far, President Trump has done a pretty great job of upholding his campaign promises. From tax reform to foreign policy, he’s really produced. For the first time, however, it seems that he might be changing course from one of his most important commitments: to protect the Second Amendment. The president announced that he’s willing to take away someone’s guns before going through typical legal proceedings, rather than the other way around.

Either Trump is just testing the waters and baiting liberal legislators, or he’s really open to the idea. I understand why this might seem like an appealing solution: prevent deaths but still allow those who were wrongly targeted to have their firearms returned. But this is an incredibly slippery slope, and it’s far more difficult to repeal a bad law than it is to enact that law. President Trump and his advisors really need to think this over before acting. (Read More…)

Putin announces he has nuclear weapons that can’t be shot down by America

Russian President Putin boasted in his latest speech that he can now launch missiles and nuclear weapons which can’t be shot down — and he warned Europe and the U.S. that he won’t hesitate to use them on anyone who attacks Russia or its allies with nuclear weapons. This sort of arms race is reminiscent of what occurred during the Cold War, and it’s scary. On top of that, it also demonstrates (again) that Barack Obama was wrong when he made fun of Mitt Romey for saying Russia was our primary geopolitical foe.

It’s difficult to know what the Russians believe they’re accomplishing here, but we do know they’ve actively worked to incite chaos and uncertainty in the West. With China and other countries on the rise, Putin has been trying to position Russia as a major power player once again. This is a dangerous situation. They need to be stopped before it gets out of control. (Read More…)

Hope Hicks, rising GOP star, moves on from her White House role

29-year-old former model Hope Hicks has announced her resignation from the Trump White House. Hicks was one of Trump’s closest assistants and advisors in the last year, but she’s decided to move on in her career. She acknowledged how grateful she was for the chance she was given by the president. He, in his turn, wished her well.

Behind Hicks’ resignation is a recent report that she admitted to the House Intelligence Committee that she told “white lies” on behalf of President Trump. Some believe the testimony she gave was part of a trap set up by Democrats on that committee. Maria Bartiromo, hardly a conservative talking head, put forward exactly that theory. We’ll have to see where this goes in the coming days. (Read More…)

John Podesta to Jared Kushner: Time to wear a ‘kevlar vest’

What is wrong with liberals? Everyone remembers John Podesta; you know, the guy who was successfully duped by Russian hackers into exposing the emails of Hillary Clinton’s entire campaign. He apparently just lost his mind, accusing Jared Kushner in a tweet of leaking information from the White House. He even warned Kushner to start wearing a kevlar vest.

I doubt Podesta meant it as a threat, but he needs to learn what is and what is not appropriate to say. First of all, there’s no proof that his allegations are true, and second, even snide remarks about physical harm are no laughing matter. People have been threatening the president and his family since he began his campaign in 2016, and who knows what will trigger some unstable person to doing something drastic. (Read More…)

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