BREAKING: Shooter Terrorizes US City – Over 46 People Are…

Lori Lightfoot is on of the biggest gun-control nuts in this country.

As mayor of Chicago, she’s implemented VERY strict gun control laws in her city.

Yet, it remains maybe the most dangerous place in America.

During Memorial Day Weekend alone, 46 people were shot in Chicago.

As of the afternoon of May 31, ten of them had already passed away.

The 46 victims over the weekend was impressive even for Chicago.

During the same weekend last year, *only* three people in Lightfoot’s city were shot to death. Thirty more were hit, but at least fewer passed away last year.

This year, you’re seeing the type of carnage that results when only the criminals have guns.

Which is EXACTLY what’s going to happen when you make gun-control the law.

People that shoot people are criminals, Lori. Criminals DON’T FOLLOW THE LAW. That’s why they’re called criminals.

Chicago is a PERFECT example of that.

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