2nd Whistleblower BOMBSHELL – Dems Furious

A second whistleblower bomshell just dropped, and the news is spreading quickly. Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media are furious.

Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) was asked on ‘Fox News Sunday’ about the rumor that another anti-Trump whistleblower could come forward. Stewart said he was “not at all” concerned and eleborated on his reasoning.

“One of our concerns has always been there hasn’t been firsthand knowledge of this,” Stewart said. “The first whistleblower, virtually everything he accused was second and thirdhand knowledge.”

The congressman went on to note that the first whistleblower only confirmed what we already knew, given that Trump himself released the call transcript — and any new whistleblowers would have nothing of substance to add.

Why should I care at all what his perspective, or is opinion or judgment, of this transcript is? You and I can read it,” said Stewart. Trump also dismissed the possibility of another whistleblower making any impact.

Trump said that since the first whistleblower got it wrong. “they are going to the bench and another ‘Whistleblower’ is coming in from the Deep State, also with second hand info. Meet with Shifty. Keep them coming!”

Read the full story here.

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