BREAKING: Florida Reversal Stuns Democrats – Trump is Laughing…

The South Florida county of Miami-Dade is SUPPOSED to be liberal. Democrats count on it to turn out for them year after year.

Then why are the people there INSISTING on supporting Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican?

Maybe it’s because the people that used to vote liberal are getting tired of the broken promises, the lies, the deceit, and the gaslighting. You know, the things that Donald Trump warned us about but so much of the country continued to ignore?

Turns out the orange man was 100% correct.

A Bendixen and Amandi poll found that DeSantis holds a seven-point margin of favorability in Miami-Dade county, despite the county having over 160,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans.

The 48-41 percent margin in favor of DeSantis represents a 28-point swing in the four years that Ron DeSantis has been running the show.

The terrible polling for liberals is being blamed mostly on Hispanic voters, a group that used to lean heavily left. Turns out, Hispanic voters are way smarter than liberals thought they were.

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