2020: Republican Jeff Flake Throws Down Against Trump

Outgoing Republican Senator Jeff Flake is pushing for a primary challenge against President Trump – and he’s open to running himself.

Flake, who is on record as opposing the President on several major policy positions, told CNN’s Poppy Harlow that he’s not ruling out taking on the president.

Flake said: “I’ve been on record many times saying that I hope that a Republican runs in the primary against the president. I think that Republicans need to be reminded what it means to be conservative and what it means to be decent…I’d prefer it be somebody else, but I’m not ruling it out.”

Flake is deluded if he thinks that he has a chance of winning a race against Trump. He was so unpopular that he pulled out of his Senate race before it began. How does he expect to win a presidential contest if he can’t win a Senate seat?

Read the report here.

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