2020 Democrat QUITTING – Dropping Out of Race

Former Democrat Colorado governor John Hickenlooper is considering ending his presidential candidacy to run for Senate in the state instead, according to The Hill.

Democratic sources said Hickenlooper is being urged to challenge Republican Sen. Cory Gardner in an effort to help Democrats take over the Senate in 2020. Hickenlooper’s popularity would be Democrats’ best hope of winning over Gardner and flipping that Senate seat.

Hickenlooper hasn’t gained much support in the presidential race and is unlikely to qualify for the third and fourth presidential debates. He reportedly discussed the possibility of running for Senate with Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, another Democrat presidential hopeful, before an Iowa campaign event.

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) has reportedly been urging Hickenlooper to run for Senate for months.

There are currently 11 candidates for the Senate race, but none with the name recognition and public support of Hickenlooper.

The weeding and culling process has to start somewhere. Out of the 24 declared Democrat candidates currently in the race, only a few can be serious contenders, and it doesn’t look like Hickenlooper will be one of them.

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