BREAKING: New Count Puts Donald Trump 17 Points Higher Than Biden [Developing]

You might think this is a typo, but I promise you, I’ve double-checked.

Donald Trump’s net favorability rating is SEVENTEEN points higher than Sleepy Joe Biden’s.

I’ll type it again so that you know the first time wasn’t a mistake: SEVENTEEN POINTS.

If you’re still having problems believing the results, you’ll have to take it up with Harvard-Harris, the pollster responsible for revealing this truth to America.

Donald Trump currently stands at 47% favorable to 44% unfavorable. That’s a net of +3.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden currently sits at 39% favorable compared to a whopping 53% unfavorable. That’s a net of… -14.

Things aren’t any better for other democrats either, showing that no matter who liberals throw out there in 2024, Donald Trump is the favorite.

Sadly, Biden is one of the highest-polling prominent Democrats. Kamala Harris has a net favorability rating of -15, Hillary’s is at -18, and Nancy Pelosi’s is -22. So Joe Biden is actually spanking them in the favorability polls.

As America has learned time and time again: when Joe Biden’s your best option, you’re in trouble.

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