150 Murderers CAUGHT – Democrats HID It

An investigation into Nevada’s prison population revealed an astonishing statistic: 150 convicted murderers are in the country illegally. The Las Vegas Review-Journal conducted the investigation using public data.

And perhaps even worse, many of the 1,000 individuals found in the Nevada prison system who were illegal aliens had previously been convicted of crimes. This means that after they committed crimes, they were either not deported, or they left the country and simply came back across the inadequately-protected U.S.-Mexico border.

This is a devastating wake-up call for Democrats, who have been hiding these sorts of stories with the help of their friends in the mainstream media for years. It’s inexcusable that it took an enterprising local reporter to uncover something like this.

Where where Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN? Where were the broadcast networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS? This is from publicly-available information. If they didn’t want this hidden, they would have easily exposed the truth by now.

And if this much was easily discoverable, the next question we should ask is how many others are illegal that we don’t know about. And how many more are out there, where they will hurt Americans?

These are all questions that Americans deserve to know the answers to, and Congress should act on. Democrats continue to hide the evidence using their willing accomplices in the mainstream media. And they’re also refusing to do anything meaningful to secure the border with Mexico.

Read the full story here.

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