11 have been arrested… It’s about time

ICE agents are finally cleaning up American streets. Just last week there was a huge bust where nearly 150 illegal immigrants were arrested in Texas, and the criminals among them were processed and deported or sent to prison.

But ICE is far from finished. In fact, they just arrested 11 illegal aliens in Oakland, California, this time without the assistance of local authorities. Not only did the local Mayor decline to assist the federal agents, she actively worked to block their efforts.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf sent out a statement warning illegal aliens in her jurisdiction that federal raids were imminent so that they could evade law enforcement. This is incredible, isn’t it? Thankfully, the agents were still able to get their jobs done. (Read More…)

Convicted: Jury finds Texas Democrat guilty of several felonies

Life isn’t looking good for Texas Democrat and State Senator, Carlos Uresti. After a few weeks of investigation and a short trial, he’s been convicted of 11 felonies.

His case is likely to be appealed, but will almost certainly be upheld in the coming weeks or months. So far, he’s been convicted of multiple counts of fraud and money laundering stemming from his connection with a company called FourWinds Logistics which ran a Ponzi scheme that fleeced its investors.

Uresti’s role was to convince investors to buy into the scheme by leveraging his clout, credibility, and influence. After the unwitting victims bought in, the company went bankrupt and they lost all their money. Thankfully, Uresti didn’t get off the hook. This is just the first trial, he’ll be back in court soon when he’s charged with bribery and money laundering once more in the coming months. (Read More…)

Judge Jeanine pleads guilty to going 95 in a 65 mph zone

No one is perfect. Even someone sworn to uphold and enforce the law can break it especially when it comes to minor violations of traffic law.

We all do it from time to time, usually without even noticing. It seems that even Fox News’s Judge Jeanine Pirro isn’t immune from doing so. While driving in Nichols, New York, she was stopped for speeding.

The officer said that he caught her doing 119 miles per hour, which is certainly well above what anyone should be doing on a highway. Judge Jeanine pleaded guilty to doing 95 in a 65, which is still 30 miles above the limit. Either way, she’s paying the penalty — about $400 in fines and a defensive driving course. (Read More…) 

Colleague: Megyn Kelly’s push for #MeToo movement ‘all an act’

Recent reports from people close to her paint Megyn Kelly as a surprisingly nasty, self-interested opportunist. Iren Halperin, a former Fox employee, mother of three, and professional makeup artist said Kelly was anything but friendly or supportive of other women, despite claiming to be a supporter of the #metoo movement.

“She’s not for other women. She’s extremely mean and rude to other women” says Halperin. Disrespectful, difficult, and demanding were the words Halperin used to describe Kelly’s personality.

The #metoo movement was remarkable because it took courage to expose the serious wrongdoing of so many in the news media and entertainment industries, not to mention politics. If these accusations against Kelly are true, she should be ashamed of herself. (Read More…)

Unreal: U.S. Olympian attacks Ivanka Trump for being at the Winter Games

Why do liberals have to make everything political? Even the most mundane or trivial of things are deemed worthy of criticism or hostility for those on the Left, and it only damages American society.  Take Olympic athlete Gus Kenworthy, who competes in skiing events and is quite the attention seeker on social media.

Kenworthy attacked Ivanka Trump for simply being at the Olympic Games in South Korea, despite the fact that she was there to cheer on American athletes and engage in diplomatic discussions with President Moon Jae-in.  Kenworthy tweeted out that Ivanka didn’t deserve to be there unlike the athletes.

Kenworthy’s behavior is well beneath the standard that Olympic athletes should be held to. Like it or not, he’s a representative of our country, and he should learn to act like it. He should also focus instead on actually earning a medal and leave the politics out of it. (Read More…)

CNN’s Brian Stetler bashes Judge Jeanine Pirro and Donald Trump

The biggest propagator of fake news is at it again. This time, Brian Stetler, host of CNN’s Reliable Sources accused President Trump and Judge Jeanine Pirro of living in a “fantasy land” of biased polling. Once one gets past the irony of CNN having a show that pretends to be based on “reliable sources,” this story becomes even more laughable when dissecting Stetler’s claims…

Someone at CNN, of all places, is saying that President Trump lives a fantasy land of biased polling. Does Stetler not remember the 2016 presidential election? Does he not remember how virtually everyone expected Trump to lose, and almost every single poll confirmed that notion? If anyone lives in a fantasy land, it’s Stetler, CNN, and the rest of the mainstream media who can’t seem to figure out what is truth and what is fiction before they report it. (Read More…)

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