BREAKING: Southern Border On High Alert – 1.7 Million Preparing To Cross Border Any Second…

Representative John Katko, a Republican from New York, is the leader of the GOP’s American Security Task Force.

On March 24, Katko informed America that he had received intel that indicated as many as 1.7 MILLION people will cause “chaos at the border” when the Remain in Mexico policy sunsets.

Katko was speaking at the 2022 United States House Republican Issues Conference, and stated that one of the “day one” objectives for Republicans once they regain control of Congress will be “finishing what we started” at the southern border.

“They come here now and whether they have asylum or not, they just come across the border, raise their hands and say ‘asylum.’ And as soon as they say that, the vast majority of them are paroled into the country,” Katko said.

“That’s the intel we’re getting,” Katko concluded. “So it’s going to be a real problem going forward.”

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