Ukraine Scandal BLOWS UP – Tied Back TO OBAMA…

The Ukraine scandal was designed to bring Trump down. But it might just end up ricocheting back onto the people who started it in the first place.

The Daily Wire reports:

Marie Yovanovitch, who was appointed to be the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine by former President Barack Obama, allegedly made false statements under oath during her October 11 closed-door testimony in House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

Why is it not surprising that an Obama appointee is being less than honest in an effort to bring down Trump?

The story, broken by Tucker Carlson, gets even better:

Carlson noted that Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) asked Marie Yovanovitch about the email during her testimony and she allegedly stated that she never responded to the email.

“In fact, it turns out that she did respond,” Carlson revealed. “She said she ‘looked forward to chatting with [the Democratic staffer].”

“As Congressmen Zeldin pointed out, the ambassador’s original answer, which was dishonest, was given under oath,” Carlson concluded.

Zeldin confirmed Carlson’s segment on Twitter, writing: “It appears Ambassador Yovanovitch did not accurately answer this question I asked her during her ‘impeachment inquiry’ deposition under oath.”

This sort of corruption isn’t surprising. Of course, she wanted to chat with Democrats.

Now the question is – will the media hold her accountable?

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