Trey Gowdy Confirms The Rumors – End of an Era

Former Republican congressman Trey Gowdy called Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress a “trainwreck” for Democrats in a Fox News interview on Thursday and suggested that any hope for impeaching President Donald Trump based on the investigation and report was “over.”

“[The hearing was] a trainwreck. An unmitigated disaster,” Gowdy declared to host Sandra Smith. “You know, expectations always outpace the reality with congressional hearings, but the disparity yesterday was pretty stark. And Sandra, I’ve been part of some dud congressional hearings myself. Yesterday was just a disaster.”

Gowdy said that he would have followed up on some questions Mueller said were “out of his purview” and asked why that was the case. “How in the world can a meeting that took place the day before Trump Tower and the day after Trump Tower — how can those meetings be outside your purview, but the Trump Tower be in your purview?” he said as an example.

He said he thought Republicans were “really well prepared” for the hearings. As for the instances of possible obstruction mentioned in the report, Gowdy chalked them up to Trump trying to defend his innocence.

“Where’s the line between vigorously defending yourself against a capital crime in a political environment and obstruction? I think most Americans would say, ‘You know what? I’d fight pretty hard, too, if someone was trying to delegitimize my presidency and accuse me of a crime for which I could be hanged.’”

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