Shock Justice Kavanaugh Career Decision – It’s Happening

March 24, 2019

In the heat of the smear campaign against him during his confirmation hearings, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh lamented that he might never be able to teach again — but his fear has fortunately been proven wrong.

Kavanaugh will serve this summer as a distinguished visiting professor for George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School.

Kavanaugh’s course, “Creation of the Constitution,” will be co-taught with his former law clerk and professor Jennifer Mascott in Runnymede, England.

“It is a rare opportunity for students to learn from a U.S. Supreme Court Justice and we believe that contributes to making our law program uniquely valuable for our students,” the school said in a statement.

Prior to his confirmation, Kavanaugh taught a course at Harvard called “The Supreme Court Since 2005.”

However, after hundreds of students protested against Kavanaugh’s since-debunked sexual misconduct, Kavanaugh declined to commit to the spring 2019 term.

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