Pelosi Health Attack Caught On Video – It’s Bad

February 26, 2019

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi needs to throw in the towel. America would be better far off with her antics, and, if a shocking video is any indication, resigning would be a good decision for her health as well.

Appearing in the border town of Laredo, Texas, Pelosi could barely make it through a press conference with Congressman Henry Cuellar and Mayor Pete Saenz to criticize President Trump’s national emergency declaration.

Parts of her statement were practically unintelligible — she appeared visibly flustered and unable to keep her train of thought as she moved down a list of obligations to cover.

In the video, she mentioned George and Martha Washington, something about a butterfly sanctuary, and a host of other items that didn’t connect as a result of the stuttering and stammering that plagued her remarks.

However, it’s still clear why Speaker Pelosi made a trip to Laredo in the first place. The statement released by her office reveals a dogged insistence on “not building a wall, but building a protection again that respects people and values …”

“There’s a mythology of a crisis at the border,” she said alarmingly. She also touted the Democratic resolution to denounce President Trump’s declaration to secure funds for the border wall.

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