Here’s What Obama Told Trump As He Left

November 18, 2018

President Trump sat down with Fox’s Chris Wallace for an exclusive interview on Sunday morning – and it was a doozy.

One of the most important moments of the interview came when President Trump revealed what then-outgoing President Obama told him after the 2016 election. Trump said: “When I took that [the presidency] over — President Obama right in those two chairs, we sat and talked and he said that [North Korea is] by far the biggest problem that this country has.”

Liberals were shocked when President Trump took North Korea seriously enough to hold a summit meeting with dictator Kim Jong Un in Singapore. And they’ve consistently attacked Trump’s strategy of prioritizing the North Korean threat.

Turns out, Obama agreed with Trump – even if he didn’t have the spine to back it up in public. It’s yet another win for the Trump foreign policy.

Watch the full interview here.