GOODBYE – Pelosi Confirms The Rumors – It’s OVER

The Democrats won’t openly admit it – but they’ve lost the battle on impeachment.

Nancy Pelosi seemed to confirm that assessment on a Democratic conference call on Friday. On the call, she told house Democrats “The public isn’t there on impeachment,” an admission that despite years of hysteria on the part of Democrats and the media, the public isn’t convinced.

The Washington Examiner reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is still a hard “no” on impeachment.

Even though more than half of House Democrats have lined up in support of launching a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump, the California Democrat isn’t backing it.

She told her Democratic caucus in a Friday conference call that the voting public doesn’t support impeaching the president and that is who she will listen to on the subject.

The call was punctuated by a bizarre statement by Pelosi that she has to wear a mouthguard at night because she gnashes her teeth about the Trump presidency at night.

It should be no shock that the American public isn’t on board with the Democrats.

Irrational hatred and teeth-gnashing isn’t persuasion. That’s a lesson that Pelosi and the Democrats have to learn the hard way.

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