BREAKING: Supreme Court Justice Shocks Nation – Says It’s Time…

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas sounded off again on Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) on March 8.

The CDA is the law that grants Big Tech legal immunity to host and censor content at will.

Thomas has been critical of the CDA for a while, suggesting that the Supreme Court might have to narrow the protections offered by the act as far back as April of 2021.

He repeated the same argument this week, but this time his approach was a bit more stern: “Assuming Congress does not step in to clarify §230’s scope, we should do so in an appropriate case.”

Many Republicans have suggested in recent years that the Communications Decency Act essentially limits free speech in public forums, something that should be protected under the Bill of Rights.

Probably because they’re the ones most hampered when citizens have free speech, liberals have generally been supportive of Big Tech’s right to censor.

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