BREAKING: She Was SHOT – Kamala Harris Is…

The father of a schoolgirl that was shot 9 times during the Parkland shooting is calling out Kamala Harris for her blatant disregard of children’s lives and safety.

Fox has the story:

Parkland School shooting victim father Andrew Pollack confronted Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris for her stand against a measure that aims to assist teachers in learning better ways to protect their students, during a Friday evening interview on “The Story With Martha MacCallum.”

Pollack didn’t mince words:

“One of those Democrats is Kamala Harris, and you just heard what she said in the tweet that she wrote, she said, ‘Teachers don’t need guns, they need a raise.’ What would you say to her?” [Fox host Martha] MacCallum asked Pollack.

“I’d like to tell Kamala that she didn’t have a daughter on that third floor praying for her life, and no one came to save her when there was multiple teachers on that floor who could have saved her. And my daughter was shot nine times, okay?” he responded. “So how about that, Kamala? Put your kid on that third floor and you tell me you wouldn’t want someone there to save her life. That’s what I tell Kamala.”

He’s absolutely 100% right.

Politicians like Kamala Harris want to prevent teachers from protecting children. Think about how sick that is for a moment.

Lets hope and pray that it’s never their children who have to face the consequences – but even more importantly, let’s make sure that they’ll never have the power to set in place the policies that endanger kids in the first place.

2020 is an incredibly important year.

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