BREAKING: Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Sanders ATTACKED [ALERT]

The Left is growing increasingly desperate and dangerous – and some of Trump’s top allies are increasingly being targeted.

The media is responsible for this, and none more so than the zealots at MSNBC, who attacked Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Sanders – and it was vicious.

The hosts of Morning Joe, a liberal show disguised as “right-leaning,” launched into a virulent tirade this week, calling Sarah Sanders a liar, and vilifying Kellyanne Conway.

Host Joe Scarborough:

“This isn’t opinion, it isn’t subjective. You can stack their words up against words they’ve used in the past and they just lie and they do it openly and if they would like to get angry about that, we’d be glad to run clips all day tomorrow showing their lies “

It takes one to know one Joe.

Sanders and Conway are one thing that few in the media are: courageous.

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