BREAKING: Joy Behar Jail Announcement – Lock Her Up

Joy Behar just launched into another rambling and insane rant, which reached it’s worst moment when she called for the jailing of a respected female historian, Doris Kearns Goodwin.

To understand how Behar got to that point, we have to take a step back.

Behar was responding to a loaded question by View cohost Whoopi Goldberg about the recent synagogue shooting in California.

Breitbart reports Behar as saying:

“I want to say something about Trump. I wrote down the line—last week Biden introduced a video where he brought up Charlottesville. We all saw that. It was very well done. It reminded me we’re losing the soul of America. The next day Donald Trump defends Charlottesville once again. Says that these people were historians they were more interested in Robert E. Lee then the fact that they were saying ‘Jews will not replace us,’ they were just historians.”

The madness continues:

Why don’t we just lock up Doris Kearns Goodwin then? Then on Saturday in the morning this assault on the synagogue. Then Saturday afternoon ‘our hearts are with the victims.’ He talks out of both sides of his mouth. He’s provocative. He gives dog whistles constantly to these people. Then Kellyanne goes out there and defends him and says ‘no no no,’ and he is like ‘no no no.’  Take responsibility for your actions. Mr. President, you are the culprit.”

Behar is clearly not well.

She’s so obsessed with Trump that she’s ready to blame him for anything – but the only question I’m left with is who is to blame for giving this woman a platform?

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